Pino act today as Producer, Associate producer, VFX Supervisor, Director and Educator with 20 years of experience in film industry working internationally.

During continuously growing carrier, step by step, Pino has worked on many different positions, from runners and assistants during studies, through acting and stunt coordinating experiences with his martial arts background, up to CEO in his own VFX post production and CGI animation co. servicing successfully content for 7 years in the field of producing of TV ads, for clients as Nestle or Adidas, and editing and postproduction services for more than 100 hours of TV interviews, reports and documentaries.

For the last five years Pino has worked as representative agent of production companies providing analysis, consulting and supervising of the projects in stage of development, production and postproduction as well as packaging for worldwide distribution and sales.

All that experiences is giving him today wide overview in moviemaking.  Together with his wife Monica, Pino has co-developed educating system of filmmaking for kids and young “On/Behind Camera” and he have strong interest to work on own projects with kids and cooperate on projects focused on young and family audiences.


When she was just 3 years old, and while visiting the clinic Monika built a ‘stage’ from chairs and put on her favorite show “Hut, hut … who lives inside of you” to prevent boredom. Her spontaneity was noticed at the age of 6 by legendary Czech director Jiri Adamec, and that’s how it began. Act, dance, sing, paint. And possibly be an astronaut too. From that moment on, she appeared in over 60 films, TV series, fairy tales and musicals; plus voiceovers and commercials.

Her childhood roles are well remember in Czech Republic in “We all in school age”. Shortly after the revolution she travelled to US and India, where she found first clients for her artwork.

To this day , she likes to appear in international films, but her primary dedication is painting, illustration and leading of Film and TV training for young professionals and kids – “On / Behind Camera”


Czech producer, currently working in the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

More than 10 years actively seeks projects for international co-productions.

As an executive producer is specializing in coordinating of the pre-production, shooting preparation, ensuring crew, locations, organization of management and production of the project. Activities outside of his work for co-productions are also engaged in creating of his own movies.


Famous Czech director of photography of many award-winning films such as Lída Barova in 2016, or Nine Circles of Hell in 1987. More than 40 years of experience is giving him power to bring to each project high value of quality, originality and creativity.

Credits Feature films 17 features, 5 TV films: 2016 1 – Lida Baar, 2- Musical or Paths of Happiness, 2013 Sebemilenec (TV), 2009 Eye in the Wall, 2007 At your own risk, 2005 Doblba!, 2004 A novel for women, 2002 A Dream, 1999 Hanele, 1995 1 – Wild Beer, 2- How Tasteful Death, 3- Color Warfare, 1994 Winterreise, Die (TV), 1993 The Thorn Crown of Dandelions (TV), 1992 1 – Cow, 2 – Lady Macbeth McEnge, 3 – In Love (TV), 1991 Sometimes it’s nice, 1989 1- Dynamite, 2 – The Story ’88, 1987 Nine circles of hell, 1980 Peripetie (student film), 1977 Agnežka (student film)