ELISABETH is a young city girl, who sees her life as boring and predictable. She is an only child, living at home with her hard-working mother, and struggling at school with classes and making friends. To help escape from her seemingly uneventful and mundane existence, Elisabeth seeks refuge in her vivid imagination. She transforms the usually dreary world around her into one of fairytale and adventure. In her fantasy universe, Elisabeth takes on the character of a Spitfire named ELIK, and transports herself to an ancient time of lost kings and Bohemian creatures, who roam the woods and wait for their opportunity to seek deliverance. On her journey, she encounters three princes, on a quest to find wealthy princesses to marry and help save their struggling Spring Kingdom from ruin. The princes must be weary however, as they seek to avoid the Lord of Darkness Hubert, who has set out to claim their poor sister PRINCESS MARIETTE. As Elisabeth gets more entangled in her realm of fantasy, she risks missing out on the important events that are unfolding in the real world…

The school’s austere Inspector FRIDA is looking for a chance to close down the school. Her conservative tastes see the current school set-up as not nearly strict enough. The headteacher is too lenient and friendly with the students, creating a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere which she despises. The Inspector Frida sets out a plan to expel exemplary students PETER, JEROME, PHILIP and MARIETTE just before the final exam, as part of a plot to undermine the headteacher and see the school closed down for good. In her fairytale universe, Elisabeth projects the Inspector Frida as the cruel Winter Queen, who has banished the three princes deep into the forest to prevent them finding princesses to wed.

Having long sought the friendship of a girl named HEDWIG, the niece of the Inspector Frida, Elisabeth is deceived into helping carry out their malicious plan to close the school. In the fantasy realm, Elisabeth imagines this encounter as her being taken into the services of the mean-spirited Winter Queen, finding herself wound up in a tricky situation. The three expelled boys, distraught at their unfair dismissal, head into the town, to lose themselves amidst the parties and nightlife of the city.

As The Winter Queen’s influence grows, the city and the fantasy world begin to freeze over. The princes find themselves face to face with their demons in the darkness of the night. This wild evening spent on the town runs parallel to the fairytale backdrop of Elisabeth’s imagination- in which the princes encounter all kinds of creatures and characters in the Bohemian woodlands: WHOOCALL – the tough security guard, IGNIS –the alluring bar hostesses, FAIRIES – the bar dancers, FEXTS – the robbers, WOLFHOUND – bikers and nightclub owners, the WATTERGLEE – a shrewd banker and the WILD PEOPLE- in the form of fans at a music concert. The princes face these creatures and their desires along this perilous journey. An irritating MUSHROOM – a paperboy, who consistently pesters the princes, ends up helping PHILIP to find the Book of Power of the Winter Queen, which Hedwig had lost

The Book of Power plays an important role in determining the fate of the young princes, and helps them to prove their innocence to the  Autumn Witch – Doctor Sarah. Much to the anger of the Winter Queen, the Autumn Witch helps the students find a solution to save their school and graduate.

Uninterested until now in her daughter’s stories, Elisabeth’s mother begins to unravel the meaning and finally believes her daughters tales. At this moment, in the fantasy realm, the Bohemian forest creatures start to help the princes on their quest and escape the Lord of Darkness intentions. With the help of the characters they’ve initially confronted with along the way, the princes are able to find princesses to wed and save their kingdom. With minutes to go, all four students finish their exams- four weddings taking place in the fantasy kingdom- allowing them to help secure the headteacher- the Summer King’s- position. As the ceremony gets underway, Lord of Darkness Hubert storms the wedding, where people fear he has come to claim PRINCESS MARIETTE as his bride. However, in a comical final twist, he makes his intentions clear to marry the Winter Queen and help thaw her cold heart- setting the stage for a fifth wedding- and restoring balance to the realm.


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